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Request for Quote

Plan: Plan 2253 – 2253 sq. ft.
Buyer’s Name:
Location: San Juan County
Utility Services: Electric and Propane
Requested Plan Changes: 4 bedroom, no garage, 150-160k. home only
Has land and all utilities.
Has 6-7 kids they are raising (grandparents) need rooms for kids and them a coupld. fixed income.
Good luck! Cox is the buyer
Special Covenants:


  1. Got it. Thanks. We will be using the back office for this quote.

    • corybuckley /

      Is the quote in the back oddice and how do I find it?

  2. Ok, so we don’t have a plan that will work. I can work up a plan but would really like to know they qualify before have the architect start drawing. For now use a price of $160,000.00, if we can go lower we will.


  3. corybuckley /

    We have a new buyer Verholst.
    They would like pricing on the 2307
    Trying to get to the request quote site, I’ll keep playiong with it. It just shows our comments on the last reguest, not the page to select options/info

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