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Vehost Request for Quote

Plan: Other
Plan Details: The morrison plan 2050? Verhosts are interested. Aslo the Dugans
Buyer’s Name: Vehost
Location: San Juan County
Utility Services: Electric and Propane
Requested Plan Changes: Plan jsut like Morrisions.
this is a referal from the Nyces :) was supposed to see me but Jason had intercepted. I got it back but slod one for him the Hendrix. 1774 with pricing used for Reeds.
do you need it in a seperate request?
Signing them tonmorrow at 1 if we can use Reeds pricing
Special Covenants: none known


  1. Plan 2064 (Morrison) – $212,700.00

    • cory buckley /

      Can I use Morrisions matrix for options?
      If not will you please send me one?

  2. No, that one is not correct. Lisa just copied and relabeled that one.

  3. With this being a new plan that has not been built we don’t have all the info from the vendors yet. I can look at getting one done Monday.

    • cory buckley /

      Please do, we could write them soon. They are securing the lot and brining me lot number and legal tomorrow. they were refered by the Nyces and have now made friends with Morrisions.

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