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Welcome to our back office. Lisa and I have gone nuts the past year trying to keep up with all the emails from the different sales people. We have been using this back office with Farmington and it has been working well. Since you are starting to get some momentum I want to get you started here. This will not replace standard communication, that we can still do with email but the purpose here is to help with the pricing of a home. I will be glad to spend some time with you and do some test quotes with you.


You are doing GREAT!! Keep it up :)



  1. elizabethhamilton /

    SHERMAN’S-2253-JAMESTOWN Elevation C (w/ extended porch)-PROPANE–$217,000.00 media room included in price.
    LAND— $39,000.00
    Septic system $12,397.09
    LOT PREP– $18,000.00
    9’ CEILINGS——— $1500.00
    UP GRADED TILE– $785.00
    Tile in Dining Room $1052.00
    Tile in Hall $1522.00
    2 color paint—-
    Behr—mushroom bisque –walls
    Swan Wing—Trim and ceiling..
    Counter top-butterum kitchen $356.00
    Hall-butterum $ 38.00
    Master bath-butter rum $ 75.00
    Doors-four panel $150.00
    Handicapped door in hall bath———————–NC
    Glass French doors in 4th BR—————————???
    Walk –in Closet in Media room $ 750.00
    Upgraded appliances——stainless $1000.00
    Recessed lighting—- $2900.00
    Plumbing package #2 oil rubbed——- ???
    ADA toilet in hall bathroom———– N/C

  2. elizabethhamilton /

    They would just like the height for the ADA toliet with a handbar.

  3. elizabethhamilton /

    please add the 1/2 carpet pad.

  4. elizabethhamilton /

    Also regarding the driveway/path… IF they paid for the gravel, would you be able to spread it? Or would it be better to have somone else do it?

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