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Bunderson Request for Quote

Plan: Plan 2052 – 2263 sq. ft.
Buyer’s Name: Bunderson
Location: San Juan County
Utility Services:
Requested Plan Changes: The buyer would like concrete floors.
They would also like us to price stain them. Can we do the stain?
Concrete in all rooms.
Can you pleae shoot us a price?
Special Covenants: property not selected


  1. corybuckley /

    2158 is the floor plan.
    we have matrix for everything else.

  2. The price for a one color stain and seal for the whole house is $16,800.00

    • cory buckley /

      What would the credit be if we just pull out carpet and tile and let them do it after closing?

  3. The credit would be $4,000.00 for the flooring.

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