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Reddy Request for Quote

Plan: Other
Plan Details: Truby plan. Flip the enrty to match up with the mother in law quarters from the Truby home. Make the mother in law room a garage and remove the bathroom.
Buyer’s Name: Reddy
Location: San Juan County
Utility Services: Electric and Propane
Requested Plan Changes:
Special Covenants: none known


  1. lisabroderick /

    The buyer would also like a quote for:
    Adding 2 car and a 3 car garage and remove the bath in the Mother-in-law quarters.

  2. Price – $284,000.00

    This is with a three car garage. After removing the mother in-law quarters the width is basically 32′ and all that is need for a 3 car garage is an add’t 1 1/2′

    • cory buckley /

      We need the mother in law quarter area now. With a 2 and 3 car garage quote. Only take out the bath in the mother in law quarter. they may reduce the room and use the space elsewhere but we will keep it as simple as we can. I need quote for this. 2 and 3 car.
      She is coming in at 2:30 today.

  3. Ok so the quote above is the price with the garage in place of mother inlaw quarters.

    The plan 3420 house only minus the bathroom in mother inlaws quarters is $270,000.00

    To add:

    (2) car garage – $27,225.00
    (3) car garage – $43,000.00

  4. To remove the half bath in bedroom 5 the credit is $4,500.00

    9′ ceiling is standard in this pricing

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