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Charlotte Begay Request for Quote

Plan: Other
Plan Details: Revised 1760
Buyer’s Name: Charlotte Begay
Location: Rehoboth
Utility Services: Natural Gas and Electric
Requested Plan Changes:
Special Covenants: Will need to go through ACC

A file has been attached: Click here to view


  1. Base price – $186,000.00

    The add’t 4′ (this adds over 96 square feet) to the Great Room – $4,800.00

    The rec room – $10,000.00 (this adds over 300 square feet)

    To add 4′ (adds 112 square feet) to master – $6,720.00

    • elizabeth /

      Thanks, I’ll work on getting the price for them, i’m meeting with them Sat am @ 8:30 to go over the interior upgrades.e

  2. elizabeth /

    THANKS! e

  3. elizabethhamilton /

    Caroline is coming over to the office in a few minutes. Will go over plans with her, & Ed, and see where we go on this. Thanks e

  4. elizabethhamilton /

    In the jack & jill bath–They would also like the sink along either the east or west wall, and entrance to the 2nd bath directly from the dining area. That would be much more convenient for them. The garage would be entered directly through the dining are. The Rec room would be directly behind the garage, and no powder room. They would only need a locking door for the rec room. ( so kids don’t tear it up). Only 1 main door entry. They would like to extend the master by 4′. I know this is unusual, but they will live here for a long time.

  5. elizabethhamilton /

    Entry to the rec room would be directly through the garage.Only 1 door to rec room, and needs to be locking.

  6. elizabethhamilton /

    No doors to the bedrooms in 2nd bathroom.

  7. elizabethhamilton /

    Ok… now everything has changed… sorry….
    They want the 4′ extension on master side with garden tub.
    Public bathroom for 2nd bath.No doors to bedrooms. Eliminate powder room in rec room. They would like the laundry room–one big room. with the hooksup next to the bedroom.with 1 door. They want to know why your charging them for the powder room when it was included in the 1776 already? Just moving this bath..Inquiring minds want to know!! Rec Room double doors w/glass.

  8. elizabethhamilton /

    Propanel roof..need a price on that. thanks e

  9. elizabethhamilton /

    Regarding the front great room/patio— Eliminate both front patio doors and put in large windows for views to the south.
    ALSO– now can the house be brought forward 3-4 ft toward curb? So they wouldn’t have just 10′ backyard?

  10. The price for the solid surface countertop in master bath is $1,462.00

  11. elizabethhamilton /

    Hi Tom,
    Caroline would like the following:
    1. 6′ arch between great room & dining room. She saw Hyatts, and wants it larger.
    2. Kitchen sink seems to be to small for this area. They will have their own sink & hardware there for installation. I told them you would not cover warantee on anything that they supplied.
    3. They want to buy their own bathroom towel holders etc.. they will have their for installtion.
    4. They will also be purchase their own black tile for the bathroom, as long as you approve it. need to know what the sq/ft is, & how much of a credit.Thanks E

  12. elizabethhamilton /

    They will only be providing the towel rack for the master br.They want a double bar. they will provide only that for the master. All other bathroom things will be provided by palo duro.

  13. elizabethhamilton /

    Tom would you please verify these prices before i do a final contract.
    Base price of 2138–$186,000.00
    4″ to great room $ 4800.00
    4″ to master $ 6720.00
    Lot price $ 35,000.00
    Total $232,500.00***

    Solid Surface kitchen&bath-copper patina–$5862.00
    Four Panel door $ 156.00
    Recessed lighting $2900.00
    Upgraded Carpet pad $ 294.00
    2 tone paint

  14. elizabethhamilton /

    Tom… i’m with caroline begay… she brought in the sheet from glacier bay.. it was a combo sink and faucet.. it only has one hole.. i have the template for the sink which i’m sending over tomorrow with jerry… i’m trying to get specs on the faucet, and i’m chatting with home depot … do we need the specs for the faucet?

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