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Connie Torres/Nash Request for Quote

Plan: Other
Plan Details: 1668-special lot in rehoboth has utility easements that cut lot size.
Buyer’s Name: Connie Torres/Nash
Location: Rehoboth
Utility Services: Natural Gas and Electric
Requested Plan Changes: 1. Elongated toliets chair height.
2. No Tub in Master Bath only shower.
3. Dedicated receptacle dedicated to freezer in garage.
4. 200 amp panel inside garage.
5. box for chandelier in dining room.
6. 2 color paint with leather texture
7. additional electrical outlets on south side of house
8. All appliances are black.Can you include appliances in
loan? Including refrigerator?
9. Dining room tiled.

Special Covenants: none.


  1. Base Price – $166,000.00
    *this includes standard pad build for Rehoboth, will need to confirm*
    **includes standard Rehoboth landscaping**

    Requested Options not on matrix:
    1. Elongated Toilets – $75.00 ea. or $150.00 for both
    2. Shower only in Master – N/C
    3. Freezer Plug – $150.00
    4. 200 Amp service – N/C
    5 Wire & box for Chandelier – $50.00
    6a. Two color – $800.00
    **need both colors and where each color goes**
    6b. Leather Texture – $850.00
    7. Add’t exterior outlet – $125.00
    8. Appliances – yes we can do the refrigerator. Have sent appliance list that was provided to our vendor for pricing.
    9. Dining Room tiled – see flooring matrix

    add’t items for pricing:
    1. A second exterior garage light – $50.00
    2. 9′ ceiling – 1,435.00
    3. Upgraded Cpt pad – see Flooring Matrix
    4. Recessed lights in addition to standard light – $2,300.00

  2. elizabethhamilton /

    Hi Tom, I’m working on nash’s contract for connie torres-
    Additional electrical outlets price– is that per outlet?
    Also.. they had additional water bibs one in front and one in back.. price please. thanks

  3. Yes the outlet price is per outlet.

    For add’t hose bib the price is $90.00 per bib or $180.00 for two.

    **We will need the locations for the exterior outlets and any extra hose bibs.

  4. elizabethhamilton /

    Got locations on floor plan. :) i will finalize this now. thanks

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