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Aaron Rosetta Request for Quote | Palo Duro

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Aaron Rosetta Request for Quote

Plan: Plan 1508 – 1508 sq. ft.
Buyer’s Name: Aaron Rosetta
Location: Gallup
Utility Services: Natural Gas and Electric
Requested Plan Changes: Have we gotten drawing yet? e
Special Covenants:


  1. elizabethhamilton /

    have we gotten drawing back?

  2. elizabethhamilton /

    HI Tom, Aaron like the floor plan so we can move ahead on that!yeah!… He was concerned abut the price, now that there is more sq/ft. Thanks

  3. elizabethhamilton /


    Below are a couple of questions/comments that I had on the latest floor plan revisions:

    1. Will counter tops be installed on the island and kitchen sink area to create a “breakfast bar”? I could not tell from the plans.
    [Elizabeth Hamilton] Can do it 2 ways…
    Island can be countertop level or can raise the pony wall & do a bar top on that. Overhang would be 10in.
    ON the sink side could do the same thing if you wanted to… formica tops wouldn’t be a price increase.

    2. Would it be possible to add the 8 ft high garage doors? I have a full sized pickup truck that I would like to be able to park in the garage.
    [Elizabeth Hamilton] yes .. that is possible.. must do a 9ft ceiling thoroughout the house

    3. Will the plans incorporate the 9 ft high ceilings throughout the house?
    [Elizabeth Hamilton] yes- except where there are furdowns.

    4. Would it be possible to shave off about 2 feet from the west wall (Kitchen, dining and greatroom) and add it to the east wall (bedroom and garage) so as to add more space to the garage?
    [Elizabeth Hamilton] It would definitely affect the island… recommendation from Tom—no.. except..
    If you want to add 2ft to west wall of garage, that would be the place to do it?
    Cost–$1900.00 it will move the front door and it will move it to where you will look straight down the kitchen.

    This may not be possible due to the configuration of the kitchen counters. If not, it will not be a problem.
    5. Based on your (Builder, realtor, and architect) experience is there adequate bedroom 2 and 3, and restroom space? They appear a bit small.
    [Elizabeth Hamilton] They maybe able to be increased but I’m concerned about cost.
    But again, Im not sure. What are your opinions?
    [Elizabeth Hamilton] I think it’s fine for your 1st house… when you get rich and famous (next year) Tom will design a custom home for you! YEAH!
    That’s a huge master suite….

    Besides those questions, I am very happy with what we have worked out. Thank you all very much for working with me on this project. Sorry I’m being a bit picky with these plans!
    [Elizabeth Hamilton] Your’ not being picky, I like how you think …

    Ms. Hamilton, I would like to discuss the tiered system a bit more with you.
    [Elizabeth Hamilton] I’m just learning about his also..
    You basically have clay, shale, sandstone, coal in your foundation. OUCH!
    Tom will be sending a drawing next week that you can look at.
    I’ll be sending you the geotech in the next email.

  4. Kitchen Island to be flat

    Sink side to have raised wall and bar top. The overhang will be around 10″

    9′ ceiling – $1,800.00

  5. elizabethhamilton /

    do we have prices yet for the island & bar top?
    Also– 8′garage doors

  6. $300.00 for island and bar top if Formica.

    8′ garage doors – $280.00

  7. elizabethhamilton /

    thank you for the prices… i forgot we need cabinets underneath the kitchen island. I really need to get this wrapped up asap.. when i spoke to him today.. he said.. i’m realy not sure about the floor plan.. blah, blah, blah.I’m concerned about the back yard… I think i talked him through all the issues,and we’re back on track. But the sooner the better! :) e

  8. elizabethhamilton /

    Sorry to both you again… i don’t see a base price for the 1575/1666/— now the 1964,.

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