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Lewis Request for Quote

Plan: Plan 1800 – 1800 sq. ft.
Buyer’s Name: Lewis
Location: San Juan County
Utility Services: Natural Gas and Electric
Requested Plan Changes: Lwesi would like the following
Solid wall between GR and Kitchen.
Shorten kitchen counter on this wall to enlarge the entry, this also will lessen the depth of the counter.
Add an arched entry. they know we will loose a cabinet there.
Put cabinets on this wall in kitchen, design was left to us.
Omit pantry and use that money to help with cost of additional cabinets.
Widen the island with the overhang on the dininng room side to accomidate bar stools. I tiold them there would be a restriction of how much we can make the over hang, they want us to do whatever works. they are leaving design ideas and advise up to us.
please let me know price difference asap so I can get this deal wrapped up.
We are hoping omitting the pantry, lessing the dept of that big kitchen counter and shortening cabinet to accomidate larger enty which makes us loose a cabinet… will help off set some of the cabinets?
We discussed porch. They do want the porch size the same as the Rybecki home. We viewed this home Monday night. they said that was “perfect” for BBqs etc. How do i make sure this is what is in the plan Annie drew? I need some help to make sure and if not to give her direction to change. I am just learning to read these plans. Can Dave help there?
Special Covenants: 6-12 pitch

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