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Dayzie Request for Quote

Plan: Other
Plan Details: 1895 Please see attached for plan changes
Buyer’s Name: Dayzie
Location: Other
Utility Services: Electric and Propane
Requested Plan Changes: Move front door to Gr
Bigger windows sizes and locations listed on the floor plan attached
Roll in shower in MB due to wheel chair
Hall and entry to MB enlagred to accomidate wheel chair.
Enlarge bedroom 3 into hall by garage since this is no longer the entry.
Man door located where entry was
All of the above it drawn on the floor plan attached.
This is in Kayenta AZ.
All soil test etc were alreadt forwarded.
Special Covenants: none, reservation land

A file has been attached: Click here to view


  1. corybuckley /

    Can you please price this without a garage?
    I just heard from the daiseys and they would like to know difference in price. Can we get them an answer by Tues?
    We have written this already, I want to help button it up.

  2. The price reduction to remove the garage is _ $15,000.00

  3. corybuckley /

    1. Dayzies want to verify that the shower is a roll in, the front and rear door theshholds will be ramped, and there is countertop space to the right of the roll under sink.

    2. Omit linen closet in masterbath.
    3. Add or verify coat closet between garage access door and bedroom 3 door.
    4. Omit appliances.
    5. Is it possible to seperate washing machine drain?

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