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James, Lydell Request for Quote

Plan: Plan 2052 – 2263 sq. ft.
Buyer’s Name: James, Lydell
Location: Other
Utility Services: Electric and Propane
Requested Plan Changes: Please price 2158
With and without basement.
solar 30
Soil test will be sent. Your dad can fill you in on the lot, he looked at it.
This is in Cove AZ on the reservation
Special Covenants: cove AZ on the reservation

A file has been attached: Click here to view


  1. This is a complex deal due to the soil requirements.

    We will not do a basement.

    We will do a crawl space house. The following would be the add’t costs to the base price:

    Site requirements – $40,000.00
    Crawl Space – $22,000.00

    Solar 30 – $15,750.00

  2. corybuckley /

    Lydell James met with Jerry yesterday. He discussed working with his own guy to get the pad built based on specifications on soil analysis. Jerry said OK so long as compaction tests are done. Tom, please talk with Jerry and see if this will change the above costs. If so, what would new costs be?

    Also, he is switching to the 2253.

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