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Jason & Daisy Arsenault Request for Quote | Palo Duro

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Jason & Daisy Arsenault Request for Quote

Plan: Other
Plan Details: 3040– with many changes..
Buyer’s Name: Jason & Daisy Arsenault
Location: Gallup
Utility Services: Natural Gas and Electric
Requested Plan Changes: Hi Tom,
Here are some of the request at this time from the Arsenaults.
Prices for the following:
1. Granite for the kitchen counter tops.
2. Dark (almost black) kitchen countertop.
3. Can they get different cabinets in the other baths?
4. Tiled master & other baths with tile bar insert.
5. There’s a tile that looks like hardwood I found it at Arizona Tile in Abq, i can get you the name… but she would like that tile in the MB< kitchen, Hearth & nook.
6. They would like a price on Tile roof.
7. Barnstyle trim.
8.They would like the master bath set up like the master bath on the attachment.
9. on the left side of the house
2 rooms sharing a jack & jill bath,
3rd bedroom seperate bath.
media room & all 3 bedrooms open to the media room.
10 all large windows to the east for optimum views.
I'm trying to use back office :) thanks

Special Covenants:


  1. Elizabeth,
    To recapp. The base price with one paint choice, 8′ ceiling, and no fireplace is $310,200.00.

    I have a request out for the Granite pricing with Black

    They can do different cabinets in other parts of the house. I will need to know where for pricing

    The tiled surrounds for the bathrooms are on your option sheet

    I am waiting on price on the hardwood tile

    Tile Roof price is on option sheet

    Barnstyle trim is on the cabinet option sheets

    Architect is redrawing the master bath and bedrooms 2&3 for review

    He is also redraw for the larger windows

    I have no idea what you mean regarding media room & all 3 bedrooms open to media room.

    Also, which one are they considering the primary master?

  2. elizabethhamilton /

    Daisy was wondering if the cost of the house was the same even since they removed the additional bath.

    2. Have the windows been enlarged?
    thanks e

  3. elizabethhamilton /

    Master bedroom closet… remove door into closet.
    remove wall in closet and make 1 big closet.
    Reverse 1st sink and bathtub, make a pony wall with sq/opening (for shutters later).
    move the shower show it’s on same side as tub. sink on same side as closet.
    No plumbing/sink in laundry room.
    Kitchen island to be slab, counter height.
    Microwave– next to refrigerator… built in, but not at level of exhaust fan.. they would like it lower so kids can reach it.

  4. elizabethhamilton /

    Tom, plumbing for the sink in utility room is to be deleted.
    1.Need price on Ashkraft kitchen cabinets, door style is augusta arch thermofil.
    2. Also laundry cabinets uppers only.

  5. elizabethhamilton /

    Wood floors also.

  6. elizabethhamilton /

    Want a price for stair railing that is wood with ability to be painted on the rails, and stained on the handle part. Also price on metal railing.

    Where do you get tile… can she go to AZ Tile in ABQ or do you have different company.

    Do have any other colors of the man made countertops… she’s going to look at home depot..

    Need price for the white cabinets throughout the house. need model number or aristrokraft number…Augusta Arch in Thermofoil is what she wanted…
    Crown molding in the kitchen all through the dining area, and not the living room.
    Laundry room cabinets uppers only.
    In laundry room where stackables go… can cabinets be put in there? She would prefer lockers–she’s provide pic, and dimensions.

    Back porch needs wiring for Jacuzzi, will show later where plug will go on floor plan.

  7. elizabethhamilton /

    Hi tom,
    Just spoke to Daisy, downstairs laundry room she would like uppers cabinets next to stackable washing machine & dryer. Possibly upper cabinets with broom closet. She would lockers like you did for your kids,with a place to sit down, and hooks for jackets & backpacks..Shelves for Jason & her to put her shoes… or if theres enough more five cubbies for their family.
    She wants it to be out of the same material as the cabinets so it all matches…
    Also… upstairs she wants price on uppper cabinets in the laundry room.

  8. I have emailed the revised cabinet matrix.

    The metal railing is in the bid.

    Jacuzzi outlet – $250.00

  9. The price for the 3197 is $334,000.00.

    This price includes:
    9’ ceiling on the 1st floor, 8’ on the 2nd floor
    Tile Roof from our selection
    Pad build
    Utility hookups
    City Sidewalk

  10. elizabethhamilton /

    Tom, still need a pic of the metal railings for the stairs. Also Daisy doesn’t like the carpet, so Stephanie is going to send her pics of things..

  11. elizabethhamilton /

    Tom, I spent a little time with Daisy today… and I mentioned that Jerry just couldn’t get to Gallup in time to file the permits…I told her for sure he would be here on Monday. She like the front door… and i told her she needs to pick her interior paint. Also Stephanie didn’t know the brand of the hardwood.e

  12. Price for Laundry room cabinets – $2,185.00
    Price for 3’6″ X 8’0″ plank front door – $2,450.00
    Price for Granite – $7,120.00
    Price for Garage Texture and Paint – $1,190.00
    Price for under mount sink – $190.00

    Working on tile mud pan price for upstairs baths.

  13. Mud pan price for upstairs is $450.00 each

  14. The price for the upgraded carpet that was chosen in the Media room, stairway, upper landing and the up hallway is $1,505.00

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