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Martin Request for Quote

Plan: Other
Plan Details: 1872
Buyer’s Name: Martin
Location: San Juan County
Utility Services: Natural Gas and Electric
Requested Plan Changes: Please price the requested changes:
1) Move kitchen to laundry room wall where great room is currently
2)Move great room to Master bedroom side in place of kitchen
3)Enlarge master bath to accommodate a bath resembling the MB in the 2158
4)enlarge garage 2 or 4 feet in width
5)flat roof. Needs a few tile accents to meet Rabbitbrush subdivision covenants.
Special Covenants: Will send, Rabbit Brush Subdivision


  1. Flat roof and accents – $16,800.00

    Kitchen change – $1,200.00

    2157 Bath – $1,480.00

    2′ added to garage – $2,970.00

    4′ added to garage – $5,940.00

    Will be sending by email the revised option sheet and revised option sheet to reflect the bathroom change

  2. corybuckley /

    Price quoted was:
    Plan price total $194,775

    So using that base price the add’t costs on this plan are:

    Larger garage – $3,575.00
    ½ bath – $6,000.00
    9’ ceiling that is called out on plan – $2,200.00

  3. The price for Tile roof for this house is $6,900.00

  4. corybuckley /

    What’s the cost to insulate the garage?
    What’s the cost for tile upgrade to the bigger tile 18×18 but keeping the brown color?
    On our floor plan, where does the tile extend out to in the kitchen?
    What’s the cost for black appliances – electric range?
    Instead of having a range over the stove, could we buy a microwave and have them install it over the stove?
    What’s the cost for crown molding on the kitchen cabinets?
    What is the Barcelona edging for the counter tops?

    For the showers and tub… what is the standard material used? I need something that is completely smooth and not textured at all.

    Would there be a price difference in the flat roof tile vs the wavy tile?
    There are additional items she wants priced. I emailed these questions as well.

  5. Insulate Garage – $805.00
    Upgrade standard tile areas to 18″ X 18″ – $1,080.00
    Black Appliance – $335.00
    Black Microwave – $265.00
    Tubs and Shower w/out texture – $226.00
    Crown molding for Kitchen only – $580.00
    Barcelona Edge – $515.00

    No extra charge or credit for flat tile but must use our standard colors

    Flooring layout to be emailed.

  6. Nook tile 18 X 18 – $615.00
    Garage Hall Landing – $145.00
    2 Garage Door with Openers – $625.00
    Upgrade garage doors to 8′ – $600.00

  7. Nook Tile 12 X 12 – $535.00

  8. The price to upgrade to 4-Panel doors – $594.00

  9. Correction the 4 panel price is $188.00

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