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Martinez, Lesha Request for Quote

Plan: Plan 1759 – 1759 sq. ft.
Buyer’s Name: Martinez, Lesha
Location: Bloomfield
Utility Services: Electric and Propane
Requested Plan Changes: Need base price for 1760 and 1872 ($182,700)?
Special Covenants:


  1. Plan 1760 – $188,000.00

    Plan 1872 – $182,700.00

  2. corybuckley /

    Client signed contract on 10/30. Need pricing on changes.
    1.Change windows in DR and GR (4) to 3′ x 5′windows.
    2.Omit wall between kit and DR, omit wall between DR and GR.
    3.Change double door entry to single on 4th bedroom.

  3. Not sure what plan you are discussing since neither the 1760 or the 1872 have walls between the DR and GR.

  4. To change the windows in the 2158 will be $250.00

    No charge to omit walls or change to single door.

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