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Luethard Request for Quote

Plan: Plan 1759 – 1759 sq. ft.
Buyer’s Name: Luethard
Location: San Juan County
Utility Services: Electric and Propane
Requested Plan Changes: Need pricing for the #1716, NO garage. Constructed over an unfinished basement that we construct.

1. No front closet in entry off the LR.

2. Put Laundry room in the optional den area.

3. Utilize original Laundry room as large closet

4. Unfinished basement


1. Can we leave the interior of the home unfinished? If so, to what extent?

2. Is the large porch on the floor plan included in price?
Special Covenants:


  1. Okay several different components here.

    1. Sales price as specified – $277,540.00

    2. The term unfinished basement is a bad term. For us to do a basement we will have to insulate it. How we insulate can either be the floor of the house or the walls of the basement. There is not a cost advantage to either method…they cost the same. We will still need to provide electrical, we have egress to deal with as well. There are other issues that drive the cost up which you will have to call to discuss.

    3. We will not leave the house unfinished to any extent. Leaving the flooring out by itself causes too many issues

    4. I am not clear on the large porch. Do you mean the porch?? There is only one porch on this house. If so that porch is in the price.

  2. Basement price is $105,000.00

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