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Robbins, Chris Request for Quote

Plan: Other
Plan Details: 1717. Base price? Client choosing between 1717,1872, and 2030.
Buyer’s Name: Robbins, Chris
Location: Farmington
Utility Services: Natural Gas and Electric
Requested Plan Changes:
Special Covenants:


  1. The base price for the plan 1717 is $184,300.00

  2. corybuckley /

    1. What would it cost to run an extra cable to the same cable box in the LR? HD satellite needs 2 cables.
    2. How much would it cost to run Ethernet line instead of phone; and run it to closet under stairwell (or some other convient place inside home)instead of exterior location?

  3. 1. To run extra cable in LR – $100.00

    2. Data Location (will try in Stairwell Closet) – $350.00
    **This includes (2) CAT 5E, (1) RG6 and an outlet

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