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Martinez, Steve Request for Quote

Plan: Other
Plan Details: 1872
Buyer’s Name: Martinez, Steve
Location: Bloomfield
Utility Services: Electric and Propane
Requested Plan Changes: 1872. Take the exterior wall that is shared by the bedrooms, and push it out by 2 feet. Making all the bedrooms larger.
Special Covenants:


  1. corybuckley /

    Changed their minds.
    1. Want to add 2 feet to end of home, making masterbedroom, bath, and kitchen larger.
    2. Want to move entry to great room. They saw Steve Guiterez home and want it like his.

  2. Plan 1872SE, standard 1872 kitchen with 2′ added to rear of house – $8,800.00

  3. To follow up on phone conversation.

    The plan 1872SE is the side entry with expanded 4th bedroom

    To breakout the add’t cost of the $8,800.00
    The 2′ extension is $5,200.00, the “SE” is $3,600.00

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